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DataForSEO Labs API: Overview

DataForSEO Labs API v3 is the updated version of Keywords Finder API v2.

DataForSEO Labs API provides data based on our in-house Keyword Database of over 3 billion keywords.

Keyword Research

Get new keyword opportunities with three powerful keyword research algorithms:

Keyword Ideas from the biggest keyword database on the web.
Keyword Suggestions based on the specific search term.
Related Keywords from the “searches related to” element of Google SERP.

Market-specific keyword analysis

Get keyword ideas, rankings and traffic data based on in-market categories of Google Ads:

Categories For Domain with general rankings and traffic data for the keywords in each category.
Keywords For Categories with the search volume rates for the last month, search volume trends for the previous 12 months, as well as current cost-per-click and competition values.
Ranked Domains By Category along with their ranking distribution and estimated traffic data from organic and paid search.

Competitor research

Get keywords, rankings and search traffic data for any website:

Ranked Keywords that any domain or URL has positions for in SERP.
SERP Competitors and the rankings they hold for the keywords you specify.
Relevant Pages of the specified domain with rankings and traffic data.
Subdomains for the target domain you specify along with the ranking distribution across organic and paid search.
Domain Intersection keywords for which both specified domains rank within the same SERPs.
Page Intersection keywords for which the specified pages rank within the same SERP.
Domain Rank Overview with ranking and traffic data from organic and paid search.
Competitors Domain with a full overview of ranking and traffic data of the competitor’s domains from organic and paid search.


DataForSEO Labs API supports only the Live method of data retrieval. It doesn’t require making separate POST and GET requests to the corresponding endpoints and delivers instant results.
You can send up to 2000 API calls per minute. Contact us if you would like to raise the limit.


The cost can be calculated on the Pricing page. You can check your spending in your account dashboard or by making a separate call to the User Data endpoint

You can test DataForSEO Labs API for free using DataForSEO Sandbox.